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$10 Each
NATO Ammo From 1950's
NEW - Madsen 9MM (Dealer Sample)
SWD M11 9MM Brand New with Ciener Suppressor
AC556 Complete Parts Set with Wood Stock
AC556 Complete Parts Set with Ruger Factory Black Synthetic Stock
Reising Model 50 .45 (NIB)
IMI Israeli UZI
AC556 Stainless (NIB)
50 Round UZI Magazines
MG34 Barrel Shroud Complete with Sights Booster and Bipod 3-Digit Serial Number
NEW - American 180
Complete Front End with Excellent Bore Plus Butt Stock
NEW - H&K MP5 with Hard Times Armory Sear
AC556 .22 Conversion Kit
Brass Miner's Scale Made for the American Gold Rush in the 1850's
Powder Springs M10 .45 (NIB)
Enfield Rifle Grenade Sight
Colt M16A2 Carbine (NIB) With Early Factory Upper
Stemple 76 9MM Brand New
Maadi Egyptian AK 7.62X39 by Krinks
HK 23E by Michaels Machine
SWD M11 9MM with New Lage Upper
Stemple 76/45
SWD M11 with Lage Sidecocker
Group Industries Uzi in Excellent Condition
Swedish K 9MM in Excellent Condition
Colt A2 Sporter2 Conversion Carbine by SWD
380 DeSantis Shoulder Holster for 380 M11A1
Colt M16
Thompson 1927A3 .22 SEMI-AUTO
MP5 Complete Excellent Bolt
Thompson 1927 .45 SEMI-AUTO (NIB)
Colt 1911 .45 US Property Marked
Powder Springs M10 .45 in Excellent Condition
American 180 .22 with Tac 65 Suppressor
Vector UZI
Gemtech Raptor 9MM Suppressor
MK760 9MM in Excellent Condition
American 180
MK760 in Excellent Condition
Coastal Steel 9MM Suppressor for M10 or M11 in Excellent Condition
SWD M11 9MM in Excellent Condition with Original Box
SWD M11 9MM in Excellent Condition with Lage Upper, Original Box
FN FNC .223 in Excellent Condition with 4-Position Selector and Flip-up Grenade Launcher Sight
AC556 Stainless Folder
Sterling 9MM by CATCO
MP40 by Wilson (BNZ 42 Code)
Group Industries UZI with Registered Bolt
Custom Quality Walnut Stock and Handguard for M14 Rifle
HK MP5 with S&H SEAR
STEN Parts
Trijicon ACOG Sight with Tritium Red Dot
Colt M16A2 LMG Brand New
Vector UZI
Parts for Bren Gun
Factory Colt M16 A1 Excellent
Powder Springs M10 9MM
Group Industries UZI
AWC MK9 Uzi Suppressor
MAC 10 45 Powder Springs NEW
Vector UZI
Rifle Caliber
Colt M16A1
1919 Shooter's Package
Antique Cane Sword
Powder Springs M10 .45 with Original Suppressor
IMI UZI (Registered Receiver)
Colt Model 1849 Revolver in Factory Case with Accessories
MAC 10 45. Powder Springs with New Lage 556 upper.
Colt Law Enforcement Carbine Model 6921 CHP .223 SBR (NIB)
Colt M16A2 US Property Marked
Uzi .45 Conversion Kit
Colt M16A2 Carbine US Property Marked
M1941 Johnson Rifle
90 Rounder Drum with Manual and Tool
MP5 SBR with Neal Smith Trigger Pack in Excellent Condition
Custom AR15 Semi Auto with Heavy Stainless Barrel, Spikes Tactical Lower
AK Steel Original Military Drum with Military Pouch 7.62 X 39nExcellent Condition
UZI Parts (Very Cheap)
Sten Parts + Mags
Mini Uzi Threaded Barrel has Surface Rust but bore is Excellent
AWC MK 9 Uzi Suppressor
RPB M11A1 .380 (NIB)
RPB M11A1 .380 (NIB)
Heavy-Barreled Percussion Sporting Rifle by WM Brown of Pittsburg PA Circa 1850
C&R Colt ANM2
Mountain Eagle Scarce Poymer .22 Pistol by Magnum Research
AC556 Factory Folding Stock in Excellent Condition
AC556 Folder in Excellent Condition Showing Hardly Any Use
Reising 45 in Excellent Condition
Micro UZI by LaFrance
Mini 14 New Wood for Factory Folding Stock
AC556 in Excellent Condition
IMI Uzi (Dealer Sample)
M.A.C. .45 Suppressor with Nomex Cover
Yankee Hill Suppressor .223 SS Phantom
Gemtech Viper .380 Mac Suppressor
$60 Each
New 80% Finished AR Receivers with Colt Markings
IMI UZI with B&G Bolt
SWD M11 9MM with Lage Max 11 MK2 Upper
NEW - M16A2 NIB with M203
Barrel, Bolt & Spring for Semi-Auto UZI
Ciener .22 Conversion Kit for AC556
Ciener .22 Conversion Kit for AC556
M60/1919 Adapter
Sioux Pipe Bag in Excellent Condition Circa 1890
M4 Commando Carbine (NIB)
Thunderbird Quilled Moccasins with Red Stroud Cloth Trim In Excellent ConditionEx
H&K MP5 in Excellent Condition with S&H Sear Not Married to the Gun
RPB M11A1 .380
Cheyenne Quilled Moccasins Circa 1870 with Rare Plaited Quillwork
Powder Springs M10 .45 in Excellent Condition with Box and Accessories
C & R WW2 Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition with Original Pinup Girl Decal on Stock
H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear
HK Stock, Grip
Colt Model 614 (M16)
HK Grip Frames
Blackfeet Pipe Bag Circa 1890 in Excellent Condition
FNC Grips & Handguards
MP 44 C&R in Excellent Condition
SWD M11 9MM in Excellent Condition with Side Locking Upper Receiver, Iasco Dot Sight and 6 Magazines
Lakota Sioux Beaded Tipi Bag in Excellent Condition
Thompson 1928 Korean War Commemorative New Unfired in Original Walnut Case and Shipping Box
SWD M11 9MM in Excellent Condition with Lage Upper
Have 6,000 Rounds AK Ammo; Some Commercial, Some Military, All Fresh
RPB Mac 10 9MM Suppressor No Wipe
Have 2,000 Plus Rounds Military 8MM at Lowest Price Anywhere.
Colt AR A2 Conversion Carbine in Excellent Condition
Ruger AC556 Additional Information
Information For MAC Buyers
Thompson 1928 with Crosby Drum
AC556 Blued Folder
Original German Paratrooper Gravity Knife OFW 84 by Bund.
IMI Uzi Registered Receiver by Action Arms
Stemple 76/45 .45 with Factory Suppressor
Glock Austria Fighting Knife in New Condition with Locking Sheath
AC556 Stainless Folder
Rock River AR15 with Heavy Barrel in Excellent Condition
FN-FNC .223
New Factory Ruger 30 Round Mags Very Hard to Find
HK 53 .223 with Fleming Sear
Sten by Taylor
Powder Springs M10 9MM
Mossberg Model 500 12Ga AOW
90 Round Drum for AC556
Swedish K New or Excellent Bolt, Sear, Mainspring and Other Parts
MGC Guncraft Forged Receiver M16
AC556 in New Condition
Colt M16A1
AC556 in New Condition
Swedish K Excellent - New Sear with Spring and Pin
FN - FNC with 4-Positon Fire Control
IMI Israeli UZI with Group Industries Registered Bolt
AC556 Folder Police Dept Trade.
Reising Model 50 .45
Vector UZI New in Box
IMI UZI Registered Receiver
American 180 Near Mint with Suppressed Barrel
H&K MP5 SD Dealer Sample
NEW - SWD M11 in Excellent Condition
NEW - LAGE Max 11 Slowfire Upper for M11
Powder Springs M11A1 9MM
SWD M11 in Excellent Condition
NEW - Thompson M1 (Dealer Sample)
IMI Uzi with B&G Bolt
Original Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol by Hill of London
$80 each
2 Only Hard to Find Walther 9MM Mags
3 Seymore Mags in 1944 Dated Pouch (probably repro) Excellent Condition
IMI Uzi 9MM in Excellent Condition - Restricted Pre-May Dealer Sample
$15 each
.45 Mags by Springfield Armory
Sterling 9MM by Billistics in Excellent Condition
Colt ACR Test Rifle
Frankford Arsenal/Olympic M16
Bridgeport Thompson M1
SWD M11 in New Condition
Auto Ordnance 1928 Thompson
AR15/ M16
Antique German pipes
Scarce Howard Barnes Bowie knife
AC556 Folder
TN Walker Bowie knife
AC556 Stainless Folder 5176
Slater Brothers Sheffield knife
Pair of Golcher & Kaye Derringers Phila
Early American priming horns
AC556 Short Folder
American leather hunting pouch with excellent powder horn
AC556 Short Folder
Corsan Dentin Sheffield Bowie Knife
AC556 Short Folder NIB
AC556 Scar Stock
AC556 Stainless Folder NIB
AC556 Stainless Folder 9762
Ruger AC 556
HK 91 pushpin .308 by J. Webb
Jap 99 C&R in excellent condition
C&R Marlin model 1917 “potato digger”
German MP43 C&R In Excellent Condition
Barrett Model 82A1 Semi Auto
Remington Model 870 12 GA SB Shotgun
Armalite AR 18 .223 in Excellent Condition
Springfield M14 in New Condition
Inland C & R M2 Carbine
FN – FNC .223
Plainfield M2 Carbine
Bulgarian Krinkov by Hard Times Armory
AK Krinkov By Billistics
C&R MP44
FN – FNC .223 Carbine
Colt BAR
FN-FNC .223
IBM M2 Carbine
Springfield SAR 48 .308
Finnish LAHTI 20mm Anti-Tank Gun
FN FNC with Folding Stock
FN FNC Carbine
HK53 .223 by Neil Smith
HK 53 .223 Registered Receiver by Fleming
FN – FNC .223 Carbine
New Bayonet with Sheath
FNC .223 Folder with Burst Option
Fleming Polytech AK
Powder Springs M10 .45
Texas Mac 10 .45 in Excellent Condition
Mac 10 Powder Springs/RPB .45
Powder Springs/RPB M10 .45
Powder Springs MAC 10 .45
MAC 11 9MM
MAC 11
MAC Power Springs M11 A1
Powder Spring M10 .45
Powder Springs M10 .45 NIB
RPB M10 9 MM
Powder Springs M10 .45 with Lage Upper
M10 Powder Springs .45 MM
MAC Loaders All Calibers
MAC Bolts and Complete Uppers
M11 Book
M11A1 .380 Military Armament (First Type)
SWD M11A1 .380 with 9MM Lage Conversion
Uzi Semi Parts
IMI Uzi with registered bolt
IMI Israeli Uzi with Wilson bolt
Group Industries Uzi
IMI Israeli Uzi with Suppressor
IMI Israeli Uzi
IMI Israeli Uzi in Excellent Condition
IMI Israeli Uzi by Billistics
IMI Israeli Uzi In Excellent Condition
IMI Uzi with B&G Registered Bolt
Group Industries UZI with Registered Bolt
Vector UZI – NIB
Vector UZI with 7 Magazines
IMI Israeli UZI
IMI Israeli UZI
Uzi 50-Round Magazines
IMI Uzi Brand New
Striker 12 new, unfired
Striker 12
Stemple 76/45 scarce 9mm in excellent condition
Sten 9mm by Taylor in excellent condition
PAWS Sterling ZX7 .45 in excellent condition
Reising Model 50 .45
Reising Model 50
Reising model 50 in excellent condition
Stemple 76/45 .45 in Excellent Condition
Smith & Wesson Model 76 100% Original Finish
Urbach suppressor for MP5
DLO Sten in Excellent Condition
MP40 by Erb
MP40 BNZ41 C&R
Reising Parts Set
Reising .45 with Excellent Bore and Wood
Reising .45 in Excellent Condition
Reising Model 50
American 180 .22 in excellent condition
American 180 .22 in Excellent Condition
Bingham AK .22
Bingham AK 22 in Excellent Condition
Bingham PPS 50 by Mike’s Exotics
MP5 SD Semi-Auto SBR Internally Suppressed
MP5 With Fleming Sear
Port Said Swedish K
Savage WWII Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition
Thompson West Hurley .22LR
Thompson West Hurley 1928
Thompson West Hurley 1928
Bridgeport Thompson M1
Bridgeport Thompson 1928
S & W Model 76 9mm
Stemple Model 76 9mm
STEMPLE 76/45 .45
DLO Sten
H & K MP5
H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear
H&K MP5 With Gemtech Raptor Suppressor
MP40 Complete Parts Set
Thompson 1928 West Hurley with New Drum
Bridgeport 1928 Thompson
West Hurley Thompson M1
West Hurley Thompson 1928
HK 94/MP5 with Fleming Sear
H & K MP5 with Hard Times Armory Sear
MP 40 by Erb
DLO Sten with Threaded Heavy Barrel
Auto Ordnance 1928 A1
Thompson West Hurley 1928
MP40 by ERB
Austin Loader for Sten
Thompson M1A1
Thompson West Hurley 1928
MP5 by Fleming
Sten by Taylor
GemTech G5 Suppressor
90 Round Magazine
Rock River AR15 Lower Receiver
AR15/M16 Beta 2 mag new in box
LMT M16 New Flat Top Upper Receiver
Colt Model 614
Olympic M16 Conversion by Neal Smith
Colt M16A1
Colt M16A1 New In Box
Colt SP1 AR15
Colt SP1 AR15
Colt M4
Colt M16 A4 Factory Flattop NIB
Colt SP1 Conversion Carbine
Colt SP1 in Excellent Condition
Colt M16 A1 Heavy Barrel Rifle
Colt M16 A1 Factory Carbine
Colt M16 A1 Factory Carbine
Colt M16 A1
Colt M16 A1
Colt M16
Colt Model 614
Colt M16 SMG 9MM
Colt M16A2 SMG 9mm All Original
Olympic M16 A1 Carbine by P.A.W.S.
Colt M16 A1 Model 621 H-BAR
Colt CAR15 Model 609 Commando
Weapons Specialties M16 with 4-Position Selector
Colt M16 A1 Carbine NIB
Rare Colt M16A4 Model R0901
Colt M16A1 Carbine
Colt M16A2 Commando Carbine NIB
Colt Experimental SMG M16A2 9MM
Colt M16A1 Carbine New In Box
Sendra M16A1 by Qualified
Shrike Belt-Fed
Sendra M16 by Bushmaster
Colt M16A2 US Property Stamped
Colt SP1 Conversion by Colt
SAW/Olympic M16 A1
Colt LE6933 SBR (NIB)
Colt LE6933 SBR (NIB)
Shrike Belt-Fed Semi-Auto
Colt M16 A1 Carbine NIB
Colt M16 A2 SMG 9MM (NIB)
Colt M16 A2 with M203
Colt M16 A2 Rifle NIB
Colt M16 A2 Full Auto
Colt M16 A1 with M203
Colt M16 A1 Model 621 (NIB)
Colt M16 A2 Carbine (NIB)
Colt M16A2 Full Auto
Colt M16A2/M203
Colt M16A2 SMG
Colt SP1 by Billistics
Colt Sporter 2 Conversion by Colt
Colt M16A2 US Property Marked (NIB)
Colt Sporter 2 (NIB)
Colt M16A1 Carbine
Original Lanchester Magazines
Victorinox Knife (Swiss)
Real Swiss Army Knife
Winchester Model 12 – 12 ga Pigeon Grade Shotgun
GemTech .22 adapters for Walther P22 pistol
Colt M16A2 (NIB)US Property Marked

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