The business of antiques is booming. Pennsylvania sellers often travel hundreds of thousands of miles from home to find that unique piece. Antique guns represent a huge portion of the market interest, as gun enthusiasts want a piece of history to call their own.

The United States alone has a rich and varied firearms history. At the start of the Revolutionary War, The Brown Bess, which fired an 18″ musket ball, represented the most common weapon during the Revolutionary War. British seamen carried the Flintlock Pistol, and colonists fought back with their own percussion revolver. Over the next few generations, guns became more economical and easy to use. The Civil War saw the invention of the Spencer repeating gun and Gatling gun. More “modern” namesakes like Colt and Winchester.

The size of the typical antique gun collection varies. Collectors often find themselves operating a revolving door of purchasing and selling. David Spiwak is always on the lookout for vintage firearms and hunting items to add to his collection. Ammunition, firearm accessories, hunting knives and hunting accessories represent a slice of society that deserves to be preserved and shared.

At any one time, Spiwak may have combat knives from before the Civil War, Civil War Flintlock pistols and/or accessories, and hunting accessories such as sheaths, primers, powder horns and pouches. To stay up-to-date on current offerings, contact David or the customer service staff to find out what we currently have in stock.