The right to bear arms is an established constitutional freedom that has encountered challengers only within the past few decades. Now the sale of firearms is highly regulated in the U.S., in some cases requiring buyers to fill out extensive paperwork, endure long waiting periods, and in some cases submit to a background check. It can be hard for the everyday buyer to find a legitimate dealer who sells the firearms or accessories he wants. David Spiwak is Central Pennsylvania’s top Class 3 Dealer, with machine gunes for sale, sub-machine guns for sale, assault rifles for sale, and more. As a class III authorized dealer, David has been selling and buying everything from the UZI and Thompson Machine gun to antique guns and firearm accessories at prices lower than common market value.

Machine Guns for Sale

The Spiwak family takes pride in the large collection of machine guns offered for sale, including fully automatic, semi-automatic and sub-machine guns (sub guns). Popular models range from the Mac 10 and 11, M15 and M16, Walther MPK and the AC 566.

Antique Gun Dealer in Pennsylvania

The history of American warfare includes a long string of firearm evolution. From the first musket-ball rifles to the powder-gun pistols and pin release models, American firearms have a long and extravagant story to tell the world. David Spiwak has a varied collection of antique guns for Pennsylvania history buffs. They also purchase personal pieces for later sale, offering up to 90% of the value of the piece.

Indian Artifacts For Sale

Despite being subjected to mistreatment and discrimination since settlers from Europe colonized America, Native Americans have maintained a unique cultural identity that reflects in their daily lives. Hunting tools, leathers and beaded items speak to how they survived through the centuries after Europeans spread across the country. David Spiwak has a small collection of Native American artifacts available for sale.