Gun Type: Subguns

Thompson West Hurley .22LR

Thompson West Hurley .22 LR caliber in the box with all 3 magazines and magwell adapter. Only 300 of these guns were made in 1980. Excellent condition and very hard to find a complete outfit like this.

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 in Excellent Condition with new 100 Round Drum and 5 stick magazines.

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 in Stunning Excellent-Plus condition with guitar case, key, 100 and 50 round drums.

Bridgeport Thompson M1

Bridgeport Thompson M1 in Excellent condition with magazine pouch, 5 excellent Seyymour magazines, and Original sling. Beautiful wood. This gun is US Property marked. The receiver has very fine pinprick pitting with later Parkerized finish.

Bridgeport Thompson 1928

Bridgeport Thompson 1928 in excellent condition with excellent original Auto Ordinance drum, paratrooper jump case, restricted 1943 book and four 30-round magazines. Typical military rework for Korean War. 99% military Parkerizing, two serial numbers, late Lyman sight, beautiful wood, excellent bore. Nice outfit for $23,995.

S & W Model 76 9mm

S & W Model 76 9mm like new with 3 military magazines.

Stemple Model 76 9mm

Stemple Model 76 9mm in Excellent condition. This is a faithful copy of the Smith & Wesson 76. Uses common Suomi 36-round mags.

STEMPLE 76/45 .45

STEMPLE 76/45 .45. Copy of the Swedish K and Smith & Wesson M76. These are rugged guns and use cheap Greasegun mags. Stainless threaded barrel. Excellent condition with 6 mags.

DLO Sten

DLO Sten in Excellent condition with 6 magazines and original loader. The magwell is covered with original Chinese figures. Too bad we don’t know the history.

H & K MP5

H & K MP5 with Qualified sear in like-new condition. Has 3-lug, paddle mag release, remarked, SEF lower.

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear in excellent condition. Has all the features you want. Paddle mag release, Sef lower, remarked. Gun looks new.

H&K MP5 With Gemtech Raptor Suppressor

H&K MP5 With Gemtech Raptor Suppressor, sight mount with Trijicon polarized Dot sight (cost $900), forward grip, mags and pouch. This gun has S&H Sear, full set of Knights rails, E3 stock, paddle mag release, 3-lug barrel and night front sight. All in excellent condition.