Gun Type: Subguns

MP40 by Erb

MP40 by Erb in Excellent Condition. Bore is excellent with strong rifling. BNZ 43 code. Excellent stock and grips and original sling. Some numbers match. Excellent blue finish.

MP40 BNZ41 C&R

MP40 BNZ41 C&R in Excellent condition with original sling. All matching numbers, excellent bore, 85% original blue finish. Stock and grips in perfect condition with a minor 1/4″ dent on one side. Not often seen in this high condition.

Reising Parts Set

Reising Parts Set for Reising Model 55. Complete except for receiver and metal stock bar. The wood has been cut and can be repaired by The Stock Doctor. Good bore with slight ring Nice finish and comes with original magazine. These are rare guns.

Reising .45 with Excellent Bore and Wood

Reising .45 with Excellent Bore and Wood. 100% Original Parkerized finish. Original 1943 dated canvas case, manual (not shown), original sling, 2 factory mags and one 30-round Christy mag.

Reising .45 in Excellent Condition

Reising .45 in Excellent Condition with 99% original blue. Excellent wood is stamped “City of Pittsburgh” (PA). Comes with two Factory mags, manual, and a 30-round Christy mag.

Reising Model 50

Reising Model 50 in Excellent condition with 80% original blue and excellent bore. Low serial number 146. Has small letters PD8 stamped on right side from police department.

American 180 .22 in Excellent Condition

American 180 .22 in Excellent Condition with walnut stocks, steel drum and original box. Old light oxidation on drum.

Bingham PPS 50 by Mike’s Exotics

Bingham PPS 50 by Mike’s Exotics in excellent condition with original steel drum. This is a quality Italian gun and looks to be in new condition. Comes with 2,500 rounds of CCI Blazer .22 ammunition.

MP5 SD Semi-Auto SBR Internally Suppressed

MP5 SD Semi-Auto Short Barreled rifle Internally Suppressed. This is the ideal host for your HK Sear. Sear-ready with S-E-F lower, paddle mag-release, A3 stock, remarked upper. New condition.

MP5 With Fleming Sear

MP5 with Fleming Sear in like-new condition. Has 3-lug, paddle mag release, remarked, SEF lower, Surefire fore end.

Savage WWII Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition

Savage WWII Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition. This gun has been rewelded and refinished. Checked by my gunsmith, and I have test-fired it. There is no sign of welding visible. Excellent bore. The receiver sides were milled slightly and almost all of the markings are gone. The government proof marks are intact. Nice-looking Thompson with… Read more »