Gun Type: Subguns

MP5 SBR with Neal Smith Trigger Pack in Excellent Condition

MP5 SBR with Neal Smith Trigger Pack in Excellent Condition.  The advantage of this pack is that a worn or broken sear can be replaced.  The sear is not a registered part. The gun is non-German and has 3-lug barrel and paddle mag release.

Information For MAC Buyers

Lage Manufacturing is offering a new upper receiver for the M11 Machinegun that will fire the .223 round.  You will be able to shoot both rifle and pistol rounds from only one receiver.  Expect Mac prices to jump again when this upper hits the market.  Be smart and buy your Mac now  First time buyers… Read more »

Reising Model 50 .45

Reising Model 50 .45 in outstanding condition.  Has perfect finish and wood with added recoil pad.

Vector UZI Like New

Vector UZI Like New with extra mags.  Has 2 tiny holes tapped in top cover for adding optics.

American 180 Near Mint with Suppressed Barrel

American 180 Near Mint.  Spectacular outfit with suppressed barrel, original barrel, fitted case and three drums. This gun has the optional ($300 in 1980) fine walnut stocks.  None finer.

H&K MP5 SD Dealer Sample

H&K MP5 SD Dealer Sample in excellent condition with factory leather sling  Can only be sold to Dealers.

Powder Springs M11A1 9MM

Powder Springs M11A1 9MM with extensive modifications by Practical Solutions.  Magwell converted to accept new steel mags, Lage Max 11A19 MK2 Upper with rails, Lage stock,  trigger, internal parts with hardened sear, safety, sights and mag release.  Weld reinforced pin holes with new hardened pins.  3-lug barrel, loader and hard case.  All in in new… Read more »

SWD M11 in Excellent Condition

SWD M11 in Excellent Condition.  Shows hardly any use.  Comes with book, 4 mags and new barrel extension.

IMI Uzi (Dealer Sample)

IMI Uzi in Excellent condition with Hebrew-marked lower.  This is a restricted Dealer Sample.  For sale only to Class 3 dealers

SWD M11 9MM with Lage Max 11 MK2 Upper

SWD M11 9MM in excellent condition with Lage Max 11 MK2 upper folding stock, Sten mag conversion, 7 mags, book and original upper.  Lage upper has full set of sight rails.