Gun Type: Subguns

IMI Israeli UZI

IMI Israeli UZI in excellent condition.  This one was converted to full military specs using German military lower receiver and bolt.  Blocking bar and restrictor ring were removed.  Comes with full kit shown in photo and IMI Uzi case.  Nice outfit.

IMI Uzi with B&G Bolt

IMI Uzi with B&G Bolt in excellent condition with IMI pouch and all magazines shown.  Has German military lower receiver.

Stemple 76/45 .45 with Factory Suppressor

Stemple 76/45 .45 in excellent condition with factory suppressor and 7 mags.  This suppressor has its own ported barrel inside.  Very rugged gun.

Sten by Taylor

Sten by Taylor in excellent condition with 6 mag.  the magwell markings have been obliterated.

Mossberg Model 500 12Ga AOW

Mossberg Model 500 12Ga AOW in excellent condition.  3 plus 1 capacity, vent heat shield and cartridge carrier. Transfer tax is only $5

HK Stock, Grip

HK Stock: $40.  K Grip: $22  Delivered.

HK Grip Frames

HK Grip Frames: Semi Auto $40,  Full Auto $55  Delivered

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear, paddle mag release, 3-lug barrel and burst lower.  Comes with extra mags and loader.

Sten Parts + Mags

Sten Parts plus 3 nice Mags (not in photo).  The bolt is welded at the front.

IMI UZI (Registered Receiver)

IMI UZI (Registered Receiver) near mint with 8 magazines, Israeli cleaning kit and loader.  Has slotted bolt, blocking bar and restrictor ring.