Gun Type: Subguns

Vector UZI

Vector UZI with 5 magazines.  Looks new in and out.

MP40 by Wilson (BNZ 42 Code)

MP40 by Wilson in Excellent Condition.  BNZ 42 Code with mixed numbers.  Excellent bore, finish and stocks.  Comes with repro pouch with 3 original MP40 mags and original sling.

STEN Parts

STEN Parts.  Including 3 mags, demilled bolt (welded face), excellent barrel and miscellaneous parts.  $125 delivered.

Sterling 9MM by CATCO

Sterling 9MM by CATCO in excellent condition with 5 original Sterling mags.  Hard to find.


SWD M11 New in Box, Unfired.

Powder Springs M10 .45 in Excellent Condition

Powder Springs M10 .45 in Excellent condition wit original box, Lage Upper with optional grip and safety, Lage stock and all items in photo.  This gun is first year production with 3-digit number.

MK760 9MM in Excellent Condition

MK760 9MM in Excellent Condition with 3 magazines  This is a S-prefix gun.  These are the best ones.

50 Round UZI Magazines

50 Round UZI Magazines.  These sell for $85.  All three for $195 delivered.

Bridgeport Thompson M1

Bridgeport Thompson M1 in excellent condition with 3 Bridgeport-marked magazines and nice WW2 sling (not shown).  Military proofs on the left side.  This gun had its serial number obliterated before it was registered, so it was assigned a new IRS number that is stamped on the top.  T.S. Solomon is neatly stamped on the left… Read more »

IMI Israeli UZI

IMI Israeli UZI in excellent condition.  This one was converted to full military specs using German military lower receiver and bolt.  Blocking bar and restrictor ring were removed.  Comes with full kit shown in photo and IMI Uzi case.  Nice outfit.