Gun Type: UZI

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)  Metal stock black:  $22.  Parked:  $22.  Grips and forend – use your screws:  $22 all four pieces.  Bolt for semi-auto complete:  $70.  Bolt for full-auto complete:  $90.  Full-auto grip frame – Israeli with some internal parts:  $30.  Grip frame complete with internal parts – full-auto:  $60.  Full-auto sear:  $14.  Barrel nut: … Read more »

IMI UZI (Registered Receiver)

IMI UZI (Registered Receiver) near mint with 8 magazines, Israeli cleaning kit and loader.  Has slotted bolt, blocking bar and restrictor ring.

Uzi .45 Conversion Kit

Uzi .45 Conversion Kit with extra barrel, extractor and 5 real IMI magazines.

Group Industries UZI

Group Industries UZI in excellent condition with 8 mags, Israeli wood stock and vertical grip.  This is a quality Uzi and not a conversion.

Vector UZI

Vector UZI in excellent condition with 9 mags, custom top and bottom rails, ambidextrous top cover, ratcheting top cover, wood stock and mag pouches.  Ideal competition outfit.

Vector Mini UZI Like New

Vector Mini UZI Like New in original box with warranty card and catalog, 8 extra magazines.  May be unfired.

IMI Uzi Registered Receiver by Action Arms

IMI Uzi Registered Receiver by Action Arms.  This gun appears new and comes with nice UZI case, 5 magazines and an Israeli bayonet.  The blocking bar has been removed and the restrictor ring is intact.

Micro UZI by LaFrance

Micro UZI by LaFrance in excellent condition with magazines.  Rare gun from a top maker.

IMI UZI with B&G Bolt

IMI UZI in Excellent Condition with B&G Bolt and 10 magazines.  Blocking bar and restrictor ring are intact.

Vector UZI

Vector UZI like new in box with book and 8 extra magazines.

IMI UZI Registered Receiver

IMI UZI Registered Receiver like new with original box and high quality IMI pouch, 7 magazines and sight tool. Restrictor ring and blocking bar are intact.