Gun Type: Thompson

Bridgeport Thompson M1

Bridgeport Thompson M1 in excellent condition with 3 Bridgeport-marked magazines and nice WW2 sling (not shown).  Military proofs on the left side.  This gun had its serial number obliterated before it was registered, so it was assigned a new IRS number that is stamped on the top.  T.S. Solomon is neatly stamped on the left… Read more »

Thompson 1927A3 .22 SEMI-AUTO

Thompson 1927A3 .22 SEMI-AUTO in excellent condition with original violin case.  These were low-production guns using an aluminum receiver and are scarce.

Thompson 1927 .45 SEMI-AUTO (NIB)

Thompson 1927 .45 new in box.  This is a SEMI-AUTO produced in 1981.  Has smooth barrel and late-type sight.

Auto Ordnance 1928 Thompson

Auto Ordnance 1928 Thompson with excellent original Auto Ordnance drum and original GI case.  The US stamp has been removed and a “C” added to the serial number.  These were sold to police depts. after WW2.  The gun is excellent condition and has a savage-marked bolt.  Both horizontal and vertical stocks a included.  Nicely marked… Read more »

Thompson 1928 with Crosby Drum

Thompson 1928 in excellent condition with new Crosby drum.  This gun was made in the first year of production at West Hurley and has the AOC prefix in the serial number (see page 474 of Tracie Hill book).  These early guns have real military components instead of the later purple/blue West Hurley parts.  Gun shows… Read more »

NEW – Thompson M1 (Dealer Sample)

Thompson M1 in Excellent condition.  This is a Restricted Pre-May Dealer Sample and can only be sold to dealers

Savage WWII Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition

Savage WWII Thompson M1 in Excellent Condition. This gun has been rewelded and refinished. Checked by my gunsmith, and I have test-fired it. There is no sign of welding visible. Excellent bore. The receiver sides were milled slightly and almost all of the markings are gone. The government proof marks are intact. Nice-looking Thompson with… Read more »

Thompson West Hurley .22LR

Thompson West Hurley .22 LR caliber in the box with all 3 magazines and magwell adapter. Only 300 of these guns were made in 1980. Excellent condition and very hard to find a complete outfit like this.

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 in Excellent Condition with new 100 Round Drum and 5 stick magazines.

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 in Stunning Excellent-Plus condition with guitar case, key, 100 and 50 round drums.

Bridgeport Thompson M1

Bridgeport Thompson M1 in Excellent condition with magazine pouch, 5 excellent Seyymour magazines, and Original sling. Beautiful wood. This gun is US Property marked. The receiver has very fine pinprick pitting with later Parkerized finish.

Bridgeport Thompson 1928

Bridgeport Thompson 1928 in excellent condition with excellent original Auto Ordinance drum, paratrooper jump case, restricted 1943 book and four 30-round magazines. Typical military rework for Korean War. 99% military Parkerizing, two serial numbers, late Lyman sight, beautiful wood, excellent bore. Nice outfit for $23,995.