Gun Type: Suppressor

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)  Metal stock black:  $22.  Parked:  $22.  Grips and forend – use your screws:  $22 all four pieces.  Bolt for semi-auto complete:  $70.  Bolt for full-auto complete:  $90.  Full-auto grip frame – Israeli with some internal parts:  $30.  Grip frame complete with internal parts – full-auto:  $60.  Full-auto sear:  $14.  Barrel nut: … Read more »

AWC MK9 Uzi Suppressor

AWC MK9 Uzi Suppressor in excellent condition.

Gemtech Raptor 9MM Suppressor

NEW – Gemtech Raptor 9MM 3-Lug Suppressor Ideal for MP5.  List price $699.  Sale $649.

Urbach suppressor for MP5

Urbach suppressor for MP5 fits threaded barrel. New condition – includes shipping.

GemTech G5 Suppressor

Rifle Suppressor and Silencer For Sale

GemTech G5 suppressor for any .223. Snaps onto Quickmount flash hider and can easily be moved from gun to gun. Small and high quality. Quickmount $85. Ideal for those who have multiple guns.