Gun Type: Suppressor

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)

UZI Parts (Very Cheap)  Metal stock black:  $22.  Parked:  $22.  Grips and forend – use your screws:  $22 all four pieces.  Bolt for semi-auto complete:  $70.  Bolt for full-auto complete:  $90.  Full-auto grip frame – Israeli with some internal parts:  $30.  Grip frame complete with internal parts – full-auto:  $60.  Full-auto sear:  $14.  Barrel nut: … Read more »

AWC MK9 Uzi Suppressor

AWC MK9 Uzi Suppressor in excellent condition.

Gemtech Raptor 9MM Suppressor

NEW – Gemtech Raptor 9MM 3-Lug Suppressor Ideal for MP5.  List price $699.  Sale $649.

Urbach suppressor for MP5

Urbach suppressor for MP5 fits threaded barrel. New condition – includes shipping.

GemTech G5 Suppressor

GemTech G5 suppressor for any .223. Snaps onto Quickmount flash hider and can easily be moved from gun to gun. Small and high quality. Quickmount $85. Ideal for those who have multiple guns.

Tac 65 suppressor from Tactical Innovations

Tac 65 suppressor from Tactical Innovations. High quality equal to Gemtech, but $100 less. I have fired Walther P22s one in each hand with both types and cannot hear the difference. I have sold over 50 of these and everyone has been very satisfied. (take down tool included).