Gun Type: MP5

Urbach suppressor for MP5

Urbach suppressor for MP5 fits threaded barrel. New condition – includes shipping.

H & K MP5

H & K MP5 with Qualified sear in like-new condition. Has 3-lug, paddle mag release, remarked, SEF lower.

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear

H&K MP5K with Fleming Sear in excellent condition. Has all the features you want. Paddle mag release, Sef lower, remarked. Gun looks new.

H&K MP5 With Gemtech Raptor Suppressor

H&K MP5 With Gemtech Raptor Suppressor, sight mount with Trijicon polarized Dot sight (cost $900), forward grip, mags and pouch. This gun has S&H Sear, full set of Knights rails, E3 stock, paddle mag release, 3-lug barrel and night front sight. All in excellent condition.

HK 94/MP5 with Fleming Sear

HK 94/MP5 with Fleming Sear. The sear is on its own form. This is a single-tax package. The barrel is uncut so the buyer has several options Has the MP5 E3 stock plus a fixed stock, barrel shroud with forward grip, SEF lower, 8 mags and hard case.

H & K MP5 with Hard Times Armory Sear

H & K MP5 in new condition with Hard Times Armory Sear. This is a registered SBR with a registered sear. Can be transferred as a single-tax or double-tax gun. Has threaded barrel SEF plastic lower, paddle mag release. Conversion by Creager. Nice gun.

MP5 by Fleming

MP5 by Fleming in excellent condition. Has been re-marked to read MP5