Gun Type: M16

Colt M16A2 SMG 9MM (NIB) with Original Accessories.

Colt M16A2 SMG 9MM New in Box with Original Accessories.  These are quite rare, especially new in box.  There are only 47 of these in the ATF registry.  The X Prefix identifies it as an experimental gun.  From the collection of a retired Colt executive.  Note:  the SMG receiver stamp.  Rare.  Offering for $31,525.

Early M16 Made 1961 Marked AR15 Model 4 Made for the Air Force

Early M16 Made 1961 Marked AR15, this is the Model 4 made for the Air Force in 1961.  Low number 015264 is at the beginning of the USAF range.  Excellent condition with all the early features and has  small extra hole at the rear of receiver that appears original.

Sig M400 Semi-Auto AR15 (NIB)

Sig M400 Semi-Auto AR15 New in Box with papers.  Way under retail at $975.

Unusual Colt M16A1 Carbine in Excellent Condition

Unusual Colt M16A1 Carbine in Excellent Condition.  Looks all original.  Experimental upper with 7.5′ barrel and aluminum fore grip.  The upper has the proper Colt markings.  The lower is marked M16A1 but has no magazine release fence.   Has the early black aluminum stock.

M16A1 Carbine by BARR Arms with Complete 9MM Conversion

M16A1 Carbine by BARR Arms.  Quality forged receiver (I believe it is Bushmaster) in excellent condition.  Comes with complete 9MM conversion including upper, Colt 9MM mag and magwell adapter.

Colt Sporter 2 by Billistics

Colt Sporter 2 by Billistics in like-new condition.  Billistics guns are very collectible.