Gun Type: M16

Colt Model 614 Factory Full-Auto in Excellent Condition

Colt Model 614 Factory Full-Auto in Excellent Condition. These guns were made in the 1960’s before Colt started to use the M16 designation.  Has the proper early triangular fore end and 3-prong flash suppressor.  Slight roughness on left magwell does not detract.  All markings visible.  Priced right at $23,525.

Rare Colt M16A2 SMG 9MM (NIB) with Original Accessories.

Rare Colt M16A2 SMG 9MM New in Box with Original Accessories.  These are quite rare, especially new in box.  There are only 47 of these in the ATF registry.  The X Prefix identifies it as an experimental gun.  From the collection of a retired Colt executive.  Note  the SMG receiver stamp. This is the final designed version of… Read more »