Gun Type: AC 556

AC556 Accessories

AC556 Parts  (1)  New 20 round magazine – $40  (2)  New 30 round magazine – $60  (7)  30 Round steel mag for .22 Ciener kit – $60  (4)  Average stock with complete blued hardware – $300  (5)  Average stock with complete stainless hardware – $350  (6)  Wood stock without hardware nice condition – $250  (3) … Read more »

AC556 Complete Parts Set with Wood Stock

AC556 Complete Parts Set with Wood Stock in Excellent Condition.   Both sides of stock are in the same condition.  Very hard to find.  These parts sets appreciate in value.

AC556 Short Folder with Sheriff Dept. Tag

AC556 Short Folder in Excellent condition with Sheriff department tag from Altamont Springs, FL.  Metal tag is glued on and can be removed.

Ruger AC556 Additional Information

The AC556 is the least-expensive .223 available, yet is of the highest Ruger quality.  It was the gun of choice for police departments in the 1980’s and is built like a sporting gun with finer finish and fewer stamped parts than other assault rifles.  3-shot burst can be added to some rifles at extra cost,… Read more »

AC556 .22 Conversion Kit

AC556 .22 Conversion Kit with steel magazine.  Looks like it was used once.  $350 delivered.

AC556 Folder

Ruger AC556 Folder in excellent condition in and out.  Has a few minor dings in the wood.