AK47 Dealer in Central PA

As central Pennsylvania’s premier firearms dealer, David Spiwak is dedicated to helping customers and firearms enthusiasts exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. Registered with a Class 3 license from the ATF, we are allowed to buy, sell, and trade quality machine guns manufactured before the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of 1986. This includes our selection of AK47s.

AK47s for sale

AK47s, also known as Avtomat Kalashnikova, first originated back in the 1940s, and they have been a popular type of machine gun amongst firearm enthusiasts ever since. At David Spiwak, we buy, sell, and trade firearms on a regular basis. As a result, our selection of AK47s is constantly revolving and changing, with new models added weekly.

Long guns for sale

Alongside our selection of AK47s are also long guns. Long guns are a type of firearm with a longer barrel than most (hence the name “long gun”). They’re meant to be held with two hands, not one, and they’re often used for competitive shooting or hunting. They may also serve as a collection piece for firearm collectors.

To learn more about us or the firearms we have available, feel free to contact us either online or by phone at 570-441-5646 today.