Gun Type: UZI

Vector Uzi Like New

Vector Uzi Like New in Original box with new stock, soft case, forward grip, loader and 5 32-round mags

Vector UZI – NIB

Vector UZI – New in Box with original catalog and manual.

Vector UZI with 7 Magazines

Vector UZI with 7 Magazines in Excellent Condition. Has had only a few magazines fired.

IMI Israeli UZI

IMI Israeli UZI registered receiver with all SMG upgrades. SMG-marked. This is a new-condition gun. None finer.

IMI Israeli UZI

IMI Israeli UZI in excellent condition with B & G registered bolt.

Uzi 50-Round Magazines

Uzi 50-Round Magazines. New. Have 3. $85 each delivered. Take all for $225.

IMI Uzi Brand New

IMI Uzi Brand New, unfired with 6 magazines. This gun is converted using a slotted bolt but is actually a registered receiver. This means you can legally do the full treatment with original machinegun components if you choose to. Call for more info if you are not familiar with the details.