Gun Type: Subguns

MP40 Complete Parts Set

MP40 Complete Parts Set in good condition. Numbers match. Magazine included. Bore is rough but has strong rifling.

Thompson 1928 West Hurley with New Drum

Thompson 1928 West Hurley with New Drum and stick mag. Condition is about mint. Has been upgraded with Savage bolt.

Bridgeport 1928 Thompson

Bridgeport 1928 Thompson with excellent original drum. Excellent bore, matching numbers. Minor scattered pitting on lower. Some markings are faint from government refinishing. Now finished in Parkerize color Duracote. Nice wood and has late features.

HK 94/MP5 with Fleming Sear

HK 94/MP5 with Fleming Sear. The sear is on its own form. This is a single-tax package. The barrel is uncut so the buyer has several options Has the MP5 E3 stock plus a fixed stock, barrel shroud with forward grip, SEF lower, 8 mags and hard case.

DLO Sten with Threaded Heavy Barrel

DLO Sten in Excellent condition with New custom threaded heavy barrel and 5 mags. Has sight dovetail but no front sight. Add your own front sight or use optic sight. This is an interesting gun with Long Branch and Chinese markings.

Auto Ordnance 1928 A1

Auto Ordnance 1928 A1 in excellent condition with original drum, 6 magazines, restricted book and paratrooper jump case. Gun has shiny bore, nice wood and finish. Nice outfit.

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 near mint with FBI case, four magazines and drum. Gun has 100% blue and looks unfired.

MP40 by ERB

MP40 by ERB in excellent condition. Excellent bore, stocks and grips. All matching except sight leaf and bolt. AYF 43 code.

MK760 Like New in Box

MK760 Like New in Box with 4 magazines. Quality 9MM shooter.

Thompson M1A1

Thompson M1A1 reweld by Urich of Allentown, PA. I have had three of these excellent from Urich. This one is made from a receiver that had a single weld that is not visible on the outside. This early US Marked receiver was mated to a 1928 parts set and the result is a very attractive… Read more »

Thompson West Hurley 1928

Thompson West Hurley 1928 near mint with upgraded savage internal parts, FBI case, new-condition West Hurley drum, books and four excellent magazines.