Gun Type: Rifle Cal

Springfield M14 in New Condition

Springfield M14 in New Condition with U.S. Property marked sight rail. This M1A conversion is by Neal Smith who specialized in these guns. Military fiberglass stock. .308 caliber. Nice Rifle

Inland C & R M2 Carbine

Inland C & R M2 Carbine in Excellent condition. Has two mags, including rare real M2-marked mag, original sling and oiler. There is a small rough area around the serial number. Looks like the number may have been restamped? Hard to say, but it does not detract. The gun has the proper M2 overstamp done… Read more »

Plainfield M2 Carbine

Plainfield M2 Carbine with 3 mags in Excellent Condition. Has a registered Military trigger pack installed. Quality gun.

Bulgarian Krinkov by Hard Times Armory

Bulgarian Krinkov by Hard Times Armory in New condition Built from a new, quality Valmet 76. Present upgrades by THE FIRING LINE. Unfired. 7.62 X 54 caliber.

AK Krinkov By Billistics

AK Krinkov by Billistics. Built from a Valmet model 78, the best of the AKs in 7.62×39. Comes with 3 mags and is new, test-fire only. Billistics guns are in high demand.

C&R MP44

C&R MP44 in Excellent condition with over 90% Original Blue Finish. Excellent bore, grips and stock. All numbers match. The Metal hand guard is usually brown on these guns from handling, but this one has nice blue finish. Hard to beat.

FN – FNC .223 Carbine

FN – FNC .223 Carbine in Excellent condition with 3-round burst and folding stock.

Colt BAR

Colt BAR in Excellent condition with original finish complete and original. Bore and wood are excellent. One minor grain crack shown on right side. Rare C & R gun.

FN-FNC .223

FN-FNC .223 in Excellent condition with 3-round burst.

IBM M2 Carbine

IBM M2 Carbine by Rock Island Armory in excellent condition with proper arsenal M2 stamp.

Springfield SAR 48 .308

Springfield SAR 48 .308 in excellent condition. This gun was done by Springfield and the receiver is marked SAR 48 Match. Original folding bipod and excellent bore. Hard to find and comes with a blank firing adapter.

Finnish LAHTI 20mm Anti-Tank Gun

Finnish LAHTI 20mm Anti-Tank Gun like-new in original transit chest with mag carrier, 4 mags, skids and 20 rounds live ammo (worth $1,300). Matching serial numbers. Everything in top condition. Includes shipping to most areas.