Gun Type: Rifle Cal

IBM M2 Carbine

IBM M2 Carbine by Rock Island Armory in excellent condition with proper arsenal M2 stamp.

Springfield SAR 48 .308

Springfield SAR 48 .308 in excellent condition. This gun was done by Springfield and the receiver is marked SAR 48 Match. Original folding bipod and excellent bore. Hard to find and comes with a blank firing adapter.

Finnish LAHTI 20mm Anti-Tank Gun

Finnish LAHTI 20mm Anti-Tank Gun like-new in original transit chest with mag carrier, 4 mags, skids and 20 rounds live ammo (worth $1,300). Matching serial numbers. Everything in top condition. Includes shipping to most areas.

FN FNC with Folding Stock

FN FNC in Excellent condition has Folding Stock and burst feature.

FN FNC Carbine

FN FNC Carbine in excellent condition with 14″ barrel, custom HK-style pictogram lower with burst control and ambidextrous selector, scope mount, full rail fore end and folding stock. Nice custom gun.

HK53 .223 by Neil Smith

HK53 .223 by Neil Smith. This is a push-pin gun in excellent condition with Trijicon Acog sight, pictopack lower and paddle mag release. Scarce gun with expensive options.

FN – FNC .223 Carbine

FN – FNC .223 Carbine with folding stock, 4-position selector with burst, full set of rails, bipod, Eotech sight with new batteries. All in excellent condition.

Fleming Polytech AK

Fleming Polytech AK. Full stock like new in original box with two new steel drums and 4 new magazines. Full stock guns are scarce since many have been cut into Krinkovs.